Solar lawn lamp and LED lawn lamp PK

These two lights are used in all the green space in life, they have a great variety, for the lawn lamp they have the function of lighting lighting, there are many similarities, the solar lawn lamp and LED lawn lamp have what advantages and disadvantages, see them PK.
Solar lawn lamp is mainly lighting effect, the appearance of low ornamental, can be used in a wide range, LED lawn lamp both lighting function, and decorative function, he is suitable for every corner of the living space, play an ornament and lighting role, it seems that LED lawn lamp in PK he has a decorative beautification role.
Solar energy lawn lamp through the green energy transform solar energy into electricity, LED lawn lamp is also the green lighting products, the difference is LED lawn lamp is broken, he can always in distribution, and the sun can lawn, bad word system circuit will not, should changed to use as a whole, this cost will be very high, that you should think of money, you choose solar lawn lamp, The cost will be higher.
Last longer than their lifespan, solar lawn lamp without LED lawn lamp, long service life, because he LED lawn lamp light body has good heat dissipation, light failure rate is low, but so can the lawn light time is short, he is going to transform the solar energy use, his cooling effect is not so good, Yi Guang failure, so in this respect, LED lawn lamp - once again.
Lighting procurement flat think: compare, you choose the lamps and lanterns will choose to be more satisfied.