Choose solar LED lawn lamp, look for these ten

When I was a child, I longed for the neon lights of the city.
When I grow up, I always look forward to the city light show.
Until installed a little solar LED lawn lights, rural old homes also have their own landscape lights.
Solar LED lawn lamp - detachable column
I wanted to add some decoration to my yard for two days before I finally decided to install solar LED lawn lights.
The solar LED lawn lamp is chosen because there are only old people in my family, and I really don't want to pull the cable everywhere, which is dangerous and troublesome.
Moreover, the Little solar LED lawn lamp meets all my needs for lawn lamp.
1,enough security

There are only two old people in their sixties in the house, and it is still a little uneasy to ask them to install the lights themselves.
Diandian Solar LED lawn lamp uses solar energy as energy and does not need electricity, so there is no need to worry about the risk of electricity consumption during or after installation.

2. Convenient enough to use.

The old man's ability to deal with some high-tech things is really a little weak, so the simpler and more convenient the installation of lawn lamp, the better.
Little solar LED lawn lamp can plug and play, as long as the lamp is plugged into the solar light, you can decorate and illuminate at night.
Little solar LED lawn lamp installation steps

3. Light should be bright enough.

It is well known that leds are far more efficient than incandescent and fluorescent bulbs used in the past, and can produce brighter light for the same wattage.
And little solar LED lawn lamp using efficient LED lamp beads, higher brightness than ordinary LED lamp beads.

4. Charge quickly.

There are many rainy days in the south, and in rainy days, the charging efficiency of the solar panel is about 10% of that under the sun, so the solar LED lawn lamp needs to be able to charge in the time when the sun appears.
Diandian solar LED lawn lamp uses high efficiency solar panels, high charging efficiency, fast charging speed, daytime charging 5-8 hours can be full.